Personal Injury Claims

When an accident occurs, it can throw the victim’s life into chaos. From time missed at work to rising medical bills, even a seemingly small incident can lead to a host of troubles. When this harm is caused by the negligence of another person, company, or entity, the responsible party may be liable for resulting damages. (read more)

Brazoria County Local Counsel

When pursuing matters in another state or region, a local attorney with extensive knowledge of the proceedings there can be invaluable.  (read more)


The division of a person’s property, assets, and finances after their death is an issue that is more complex than many realize. The topics of inheritance, rights, and distribution generally grow more complicated based on the amount of property that the deceased owned. (read more)

Commercial Litigation

When an agreement, contract, or arrangement is violated, the results can cause financial disaster for others. In the event that financial harm is caused to another through a business transaction, the victim may have grounds to seek compensation. (read more)

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